About Us

“Serving Those Who Served”


Caring for Veterans is our passion! We Heart Veterans is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our main goal is to help our aging wartime military Veterans heroes, as well as widows of wartime Veterans with essential aid to insure them a better quality of life. This is accomplished by providing medical services, as well as our Veteran programs, Ramps for Independence, Never Forget, and The Gift of Sound.

Aging Veterans Should Never Be Forgotten
  1. Bring awareness to the living conditions and general plight of Veterans from all past and present wars.
  2. Doing what we can to ensure all our Veterans know we care not only as a community, but also as a Nation and that there is hope.
  3. Through the life of older Veterans show our younger Veterans that there is hope and that they can and will survive.
  4. Be a sounding board for Veterans and their families in order to share their life stories to help other Veterans, as well as always be remembered.
  5. Help support our Veterans through donations to cover daily living expenses, medical expenses, and overall help improve their quality of life.
  6. Connect our Veterans, and their families to other non-profits or organizations that can help them in their time of need.
  7. Support other non-profits that support our Veterans.

Mission Statement

“Serving Those Who Served”

We Heart Veterans is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to help provide our aging wartime Veterans, and their Widows with essential aid, where benefits and income fall short. We Heart Veterans promises to remain sensitive and helpful to Veterans and their families in their time of need. We also promise to never forget the sacrifices they made to ensure our Freedom.

Core Values


  • We Heart Veterans works with 65 and older active duty service Veterans and their widows
  • Provide medical services for WWII, Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf war Veterans
  • Promote safety by providing wheel chair ramps, safety rails, and medical equipment
  • Navigate VA system to find benefits for Veterans and their Widows
  • Work with other non-profits to bring relief to our aging Veterans

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If you or a loved one is a Veteran in need, please contact us today.